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Statistics say 2021 road deaths near the worst in Texas history

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Car Accidents |

For Texans, commuting to and from work is daily necessity. Taking to the state roadways can be worrisome and dangerous. If, for example, a person is heading home from a night shift and is sharing the road with people who might have been drinking alcohol, are drowsy or are simply reckless, there can be an auto accident with life-changing injuries and a possible fatality. This can be the catalyst for a litany of challenges personally and financially. Keeping track of trends can help drivers, passengers, pedestrians and anyone else on the road to know what to look for. Unfortunately, that will not prevent all crashes. Knowing what to do after a collision may require assistance from those who are experienced in personal injury cases.

2021 was a difficult year for road safety in the Lone Star State

Auto accident statistics have been maintained and analyzed in Texas since 1940. With the recently released numbers for 2021, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) says that nearly 4,500 people lost their lives in a motor vehicle accident. That made 2021 the worst for deaths in 40 years and the second worst ever. In 1981, there were just over 4,700 road deaths. When compared to 2020, there were 15% more deaths in 2021. Texas is not alone in the United States when it comes to experiencing a troubling increase in road fatalities. Overall, there was a rise of more than 18% in 2021. In Texas, more than 1,500 people lost their lives due to drivers exceeding the speed limit.

To reduce the number of fatal collisions, certain steps are being taking including changing how roads are configured, cracking down on violations that tend to cause accidents and emphasizing safety through educational campaigns. Using a hashtag called “EndTheStreakTX” and posting information on social media outlets, TxDOT hopes that people will realize that they are placing others in jeopardy if they drink and drive, drive while distracted and behave in a reckless fashion when behind the wheel. The streak refers to Texas’ dubious distinction as having had at least one fatal auto accident every single day since November 2000. Drivers are implored to understand the risks they can create when driving. It is an ambitious endeavor to prevent all auto accident fatalities, but given the stakes and the numbers, it is worthwhile.

After an auto accident, knowing the options may require professional help

Information and campaigns aside, it is a sad fact that motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning. Regardless of a person’s economic status, employment, personal situation and age, a crash can have extensive implications. A family could be confronted with helping an injured loved one who can no longer take care of themselves. A fatality can leave people without a family member and be deprived of their contributions. The aftermath of an accident can negatively impact every facet of a person’s life. There are certain fundamentals that should be known when deciding how to proceed to cover medical costs, lost income and the pain and suffering an injured person and their family will face. The accident must be scrutinized to see how and why it happened. If the other driver was drunk, this could be essential. It can also be vital to know if they were using their cellphone at the time of the accident or were speeding. Regardless, having assistance can be a critical aspect of moving forward. Consulting with experienced professionals can help with maximizing recovery in a claim.