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Insurance Bad Faith

Sometimes insurance companies will not follow the rules that they are supposed to follow regarding their own policyholders. Month after month and year after year, people will diligently pay their life insurance premium. Life insurance companies will often refuse to pay a death claim for various reasons.

If the claimed reasons for nonpayment are invalid or bogus, we can compel them to pay the claim and pursue damages for their mistreatment of you, their policyholder. Insurance companies can be as cold-hearted as they want when they are on the opposite side of your case.

In the event you are injured when someone runs a red light and you sue the person that ran the red light, the insurer of that person does not owe you any type of duty. Zero. They can and will offer you the lowest amount imaginable on your claim. On the other hand, your own insurance company in a life insurance situation or a health insurance situation has a duty to treat you fairly. If they are not dealing with you using good faith, we can pursue damages for you.

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