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Who may be liable for injuries caused by defective products?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2022 | Products Liability |

People in Texas buy various products for different purposes and they expect that the product will work well for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work correctly or break while they are being used. This can be very frustrating, but it can also be dangerous in some situations. Sometimes when products break or have hidden dangers associated with them, people can suffer significant injuries as a result.

These injuries can force people to incur significant medical bills and lose income as well. It can affect many other aspects of people’s lives as well creating a significant burden on their families’ lives as well.

People may be able to receive compensation for the injuries they suffer through defective product claims. However, when starting one of these claims people need to know who is responsible for the defect.

Three main types of product defects

The designer of the product could be liable for defective designs. These are generally defects that are inherent in the design that make the product dangerous even when being used for its intended purpose. This could be a lack of safety features or other defects which make the product dangerous for the consumer.

There are also manufacturing defects. These occur during the manufacturing process and are not due to the design of the product itself. These types of defects usually only affect a small number of products and it based on a mistake while making the product.

The last main type of defects are defects in marketing. These occur when the product does not contain adequate warnings of different dangers associated with the product. These are usually in the form of warning people to hold the product in the correct way or only use the product for its intended purpose. There is a duty to warn if it is foreseeable that people will use the product in a certain way even if it is not the intended use for the product.

Unfortunately, many people end up using defective products in Texas. Some may simply face inconveniences associated with the product not working correctly, but many others suffer serious injuries as a result. People may be entitled to compensation for these injuries, but product liability cases can be complicated and different businesses may be liable for the defect depending on the circumstances. Experienced attorneys understand how injuries from defective products affect people’s lives and may be able to help one become whole again.