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Texas continues its unfortunate streak of daily road fatalities

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Between distracted drivers, drunk drivers, speeders, recklessness and people who are simply inexperienced, the Texas roadways can be a dangerous place. Anyone who takes to the road as a driver, motorcyclist, passenger, bicyclist or pedestrian will be aware of the potential for auto accidents with injuries and death.

To make matters worse, the Lone Star State recently reached the dubious distinction of having at least one road fatality for 22 consecutive years. As that anniversary has just passed, various entities are trying to find strategies to make the roads safer, end that streak and prevent as many collisions as possible. Still, people who were in an accident must remember what they might face and know what options are available.

At least one person has died in a Texas auto accident every day since 2000

In those 22 years, there have been more than 79,000 road deaths in Texas. With that, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is striving to reduce the number of crashes and put an end to that record. Using a hashtag for social media, the TXDOT is educating people with the #EndTheStreakTXCampaign. The problem is ongoing as even in 2022, there were nearly 3,400 road deaths through the last count by Oct. 20.

Representatives from TXDOT say that driver behaviors are a common catalyst for these accidents. They noted distraction, excessive speeds and drivers who are under the influence who are responsible for a large portion of crashes. It is not only a handheld device that is causing distraction. People might use onboard navigation systems, eat, drink, change the radio, interact with passengers and even groom themselves. Simply not using the cellphone is not enough to keep from being distracted. It is obvious why speeding and DUIs should be avoided.

After an auto accident, people need help tailored to their situation

People never think motor vehicle accidents will happen to them. This misplaced belief may stem from their own driving experience, that they are cautious, their familiarity with their commute and for many other reasons. Sadly, accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Often, it is a person who is simply going to work, running errands or taking their kids to and from school whose life is changed immediately by a crash.

The litany of challenges that people may face after being hurt in a crash or losing a loved one can be overwhelming. Medical costs, the inability to take part in family activities, the need for extensive care, long-term damage, the inability to work and more can come about. When there is a fatality, those left behind will need to put the pieces back together and try to move on without their loved one.

Gathering evidence and determining what caused the accident are fundamental aspects of the aftermath of an auto accident. People who have been lucky enough to live a fortunate life with a good job, a nice home, a family and significant savings could have a radically different life after a crash. Those who were trying to build a life could have that upended in a split second because of another person’s negligence.

Having assistance from professionals who know the ins and outs of these cases can be crucial. It is especially important to have guidance with a specialization in personal injury claims. Calling for help is essential and can be the first step in a sufficient personal and financial recovery.