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Truck driver fatigue can be very dangerous

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents |

There are many different types of vehicles that travel on the roads in Texas. People drive sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, delivery vans, small delivery trucks, emergency vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks and many other types of vehicles. While all of these vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, tractor-trailer trucks stick out on the roads as they are generally the largest vehicles on the roads.

It is common to see them on the roads, but both the truck drivers and other drivers on the roads need to take extra precautions to ensure truck accidents do not occur. Any accident can be serious, but even what may seem like a small accident can have devastating consequences for the other drivers due to the size difference between trucks and most other vehicles on the roads.

To help prevent truck accidents, there are special rules for truck drivers and one of the most important ones is the hours of service rules. These limit the number of hours that truck drivers can work in a given day and in a given week and states the number of hours they need to take a break before working again.

Dangers of drowsy driving

These are designed to prevent drowsy truck drivers from driving. However, truck drivers need to follow them for them to be effective. The demands on the drivers can lead them to work longer hours than they should. Also, drivers sometimes find it difficult to find good places to sleep when making longer trips. Drivers who do not get enough sleep and are drowsy on the roads can almost be as dangerous as a driver under the influence of alcohol though.

The victims of truck accidents in Texas often receive the worse of the damage and injuries in the accident. They can have catastrophic injuries that require extensive medical treatment and it can take long periods of time to recover. Some may never fully recover from their injuries. If the truck drivers cause the accidents, they may need to compensate the victim for their damages. These accidents can be devastating and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.