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Motorcycle safety is a growing focus throughout Texas

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Texas is an inviting destination for motorcyclists. Given the vastness of the Lone Star State, the available activities and the warm weather in spring and summer, it is a place where riders congregate.

For the month of May, there are several motorcycle-centric campaigns and events taking place. With that, there is an intense focus on enhancing rider safety and avoiding accidents. This is vital throughout the year.

It is particularly important since motorcyclists are largely devoid of the same protections people in passenger vehicles and trucks have. That vulnerability is why people in a collision need to consider all their options to make a full recovery.

Events and safety initiatives focus on motorcyclists

In May, the Texas Department of Transportation is promoting its “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcyclists” campaign to encourage drivers to watch for riders and give them room to avoid accidents. There is also a rally for motorcyclists and May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The objective is education and safety. Given the number of motorcycle deaths in 2022 alone, it is no wonder. There were 562 rider fatalities in the state. This was 8% more than there were in 2021. A substantial number – around one in three – happened in intersections.

Experts and researchers say that this is largely due to drivers making left turns and not giving riders the right of way as they are legally obligated to do. Anecdotes of crashes and near-misses are prevalent. One rider spoke out about a vehicle that turned into the path of the bike as she was a passenger. She suffered a head injury and is still recovering from the brain trauma.

To deal with problems after a motorcycle accident, it is important to have help

Throughout Texas, there are motorcyclists on the road. Most drivers watch for them, adhere to the law and take the necessary precautions to make sure everyone remains safe. Still, there are reckless drivers, speeding drivers, distracted drivers, drivers who are under the influence or simply do not see riders before it is too late.

Broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain injuries, lost limbs, cuts and worse can occur when there is a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. The long-term problems include an extended hospital stay, the need for rehabilitation, potential problems with work and family members being forced to provide care.

When there is as fatality, these issues are magnified. Holding drivers accountable and being compensated sufficiently often requires experienced help. Contacting those who understand these issues is a vital first step.