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Three of the worst Texas highways are near Southlake

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Auto accidents are a primary cause of untimely injuries and death in the Lone Star State. Researchers try to determine how and why they happen to reduce their frequency. Recently, a study analyzed the worst highways in the state and its results should give pause to people in Southlake.

Dallas-Fort Worth has 30% of the 10 deadliest highways in Texas

A Money Geek study which analyzed more than 10,100 fatal accidents between 2018 and 2020 shows that three of the 10 worst highways for fatalities in the entire state are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

It looked at various factors including drivers who were under the influence, those who drove at excessive speed, distracted driving and when the accidents occurred. The following roads and specific locations were deemed the worst in the area:

  • Exits 443 to 449 on Interstate 20
  • Exits 33C to 33A on Interstate 820
  • Exits 52A to 56C on Interstate 30

For I-20, there were 13 fatal crashes in which 14 people lost their lives. There were 2.7 collisions for every mile on a 4.8 mile stretch. On I-820, there were 10 fatal crashes and 11 people died. There were 2.5 accidents for every mile on a 4-mile stretch. On I-30, there were 12 fatal accidents and 12 fatalities. The distance was 4.9 miles and there were 2.4 accidents per mile.

The most common catalyst for the crashes was speeding at more than 31%. Drunk driving came in at nearly one-quarter of all fatal accidents. Almost 10% were because of distracted driving. The most accidents happened in October followed by November and December.

Know the options after an auto accident

These statistics are troubling, particularly for commuters who need to use these highways to get to work and for other reasons. Even if people are aware that they need to be cautious on these stretches, it is unlikely to protect them from all auto accidents.

Being injured or losing a loved one is costly in myriad ways. Trusting insurance companies to provide adequate compensation is frequently a mistake. In these situations, it is imperative to know how to assess the case and take appropriate steps to recover for all that was lost.