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Road fatality study says Dallas is among the worst in the nation

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Auto accidents are an unfortunate reality in Texas. A crash is among the most common ways in which people are unexpectedly injured and lose their lives. While this is a problem across the United States, some cities are worse than others in terms of safety.

A recent analysis found that Dallas has the dubious distinction of being ranked the worst among the largest cities in the nation. This adds to the list of concerns people have as they take to the roads, particularly with the holiday season underway as there is increased traffic and a higher risk of encountering dangerous drivers.

Dallas’s fatality rates significantly higher

Researchers assessed the federal fatality statistics and found that Dallas was not only the worst in the nation, but was substantially more dangerous than other large cities in Texas and elsewhere. Road fatalities were 27% higher than in Houston and 22% higher than Fort Worth. Compared to Los Angeles, Dallas was 51% worse.

Texas Department of Transportation numbers show that over 1,000 people have lost their lives in auto accidents in the city since 2019. Over 5,600 were seriously hurt. While myriad factors contribute to collisions including distraction, impairment and drowsiness, the one issue that consistently came up was speeding. In some cases, there is a combination.

Drivers were regularly found to exceed 100 mph on freeways. Even those who stay closer to the speed limit of 65 mph are still going beyond it at a worrisome rate with 40% doing so. Accompanying behaviors that place drivers and others on the road at risk include reckless lane changes, tailgating and placing other drivers in the position where they too feel they need to speed to keep up. This went beyond freeway driving with drivers behaving similarly on city streets.

Auto accidents can be costly in every way

People who are simply trying to go to work, drive their kids to school, run errands and behave in a safe way can find themselves facing a series of life-changing challenges when there is an auto accident. This includes needing costly medical care, being confronted with the inability to work, encountering obstacles contributing to a family and more.

The entire situation needs to be analyzed from the perspective of the injured person to determine what happened and why. If it was due to speed or there was another cause, this can be crucial to taking the next step. Those who are in this situation must be aware of their rights and know what options are available.